Sunday, 14 August 2011

Skinny Fat!

In an attempt to motivate myself to change my eating habits and start exercising I took photographs of myself in my underwear. And what a motivation that was. I plan on taking similar snaps week by week and seeing if I have made any progress, which will hopefully spur me on.

I admit, I was momentarily shocked. I always thought I looked okay. And now I realise I need this.  My waist is too big, my arms too square (how do I fix that one?), my breasts too small, my butt is flat, not toned enough and may I say keeping in with the latest fashion, too small. I could probably put on a few lbs of muscle. And my posture is skewed to one side!

I'm short, with very long curly black hair and this along with an extra weight makes me look dumpy. It looks fine on some people, but for me I have to really be at the smaller side of healthy.

I need to eat better foods, perhaps more of it, but less sugar, fizzy drinks and bad fats. I need to exercise!

Easier said than done, on lazy days I feel like I'd rather enjoy my life and be slightly out of shape. It's not like I'm doing it for a living like all the models and celebs that make me feel so unfit. I know I'd be happier if I'm healthier and look better, so I'm giving it a shot.

I Choose Spanish

It's a bit of nerdy hobby of mine to learn languages but I never have the motivation to go very far with it. I get in so far as enjoying the music, learning little tidbits of culture that come along with language learning and then it gets harder and my motivation fizzles out. But this time, I'm choosing a language to continue and I feel ready.

I went to live in Egypt for a while and absolutely loved the country. I loved the language and picked it up quite well but have now forgotten so much. It's a shame because I'd like to return; and I also want to be able to sound like a fast talking Lebnaneyeh (Lebanese chick). However, I'm never going to sound like a native in Arabic and I don't think I'd have much of a future in an Arabic country - especially as I'm not interested in learning the written language and every country speaks a different dialect.

I also learned Spanish in school, graduating at the top of my year in it, and still retain some language, though mostly vocabulary. I'm at about an A2 level on the CEFR guidelines as of mid August 2011. It's probably a far more useful language than Arabic for a European in Europe however it might be of limited use outside of Spain, a country I probably won't spend much time in. It is easy however, it does look good on a CV and for city work within the UK. It's also more widely spoken by 'foreigners' than Arabic is.

Ideally, I'd speak French but I studied the language for more than 6 years (obligatory, high school) and just can't get it right. Although I love the language, love the country and it's particularly useful - a lingua franca not only here where most people have rudimentary skills, but in the rest of the world - I just don't have the head start I do with Spanish nor the talent. However, if I don't learn French my crazy dream of running away to Paris to train as a chef is impossible. Nothing to do with the fact I can't cook of course.