Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Haifa Wehbe teams a Burka with a boob tube

Lebanese popstar Haifa Wehbe turned up to the opening of the Nawa3em website wearing this, saying:

Dress code is Khaliji tonight, but I'm not sure I'll follow the rules. I'll wear what I wear.

Haifa's face veil is a bling bling version of the Khaleeji burka. I love the look of these burkas from the Gulf (Khaleej), completely different from the long Afghan style full body burkas mostly talked about in the media. It's said that these beautiful pieces, which can be so glam and gorgeous like a lot of Khaleeji style, were made to imitate a falcon. Sunglasses, bracelets and other high fashion accessories have been made to imitate this style of burka in recent years. Any thoughts on how Haifa's done it?

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  1. SALAM,
    A practicing muslim may not like this style.